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EAI 2nd Symposium on Future Internet e-Health

June 13–15, 2017 | Guadalajara, Mexico

EAI 2nd Symposium on Future Internet e-Health

EAI 2nd Symposium on Future Internet e-Health

The forthcoming infrastructure for communications, sensing, and storing of digital information, together with the incipient ICT-based services converge to create an exceptional opportunity time for addressing challenging needs of the health systems of the future. This conference will be looking at the dawn of a new age of the e-Health science and technologies. It will do so understanding future Internet as the enabling substratum.

The Internet’s size, complexity and role in modern society have far exceeded the original expectations. Internet is a complex and constantly-expanding structure that has become an essential part of our work and personal lives; it is a social and economic critical infrastructure. The challenge of complexity will only increase as more and more services require access to the infrastructure. Healthcare and its applications are a significant example of increasing infrastructure demand, due to particular requirements including security, privacy, latency and sheer volume of data.

The conference will aim to address issues related to Healthcare and Future Internet, specifically how Future Internet infrastructures can act as a suitable stratum in supporting increasing demands for quality healthcare delivery and management.



  • The event is endorsed by the European Alliance for Innovation, a leading community-based organization devoted to the advancement of innovation in the field of ICT.